Light Lines Production

Plasterboard profiles for hidden or direct lighting have become the easiest, fastest, most efficient solution, saving time and cheapest lighting solution in the field of plasterwork.

The prefabricated profiles are produced in pieces 3 meters long and are therefore easy and fast to install and save a lot of time during design and execution.
The products are cut with industrial precision and are ready for embedding in plasterboard walls or ceilings. All that is left for the plaster contractor is to place, paint and paint.
Illumination, according to lighting requirements, is then added using LED strips.

A wide variety of illumination options include symmetric and asymmetric profiles with different lighting angles, for up-light, down-light and wall-Wash.

The series also features an ultimative aluminum profile that combines all the requirements together. This profile is suitable for both exterior and interior lighting and can be combined with plaster walls, concrete, blocks, tiles and bricks.
It has variable angles and is therefore suitable for direct, hidden, symmetrical, and asymmetrical lighting. All options are open.

The profiles are design patent.
The profiles are made of standard white plasterboard. The profiles can also be obtained in a heat-resistant pink plaster or moisture resistant green plaster.
You can order in special sizes and call us for other creative solutions.