Architectural Lighting - Plan. Design. Consult.

As a professional lighting designer I am involved in different lighting aspects that are all combined together but can also stand individually.

One area is architectural lighting design, in which I plan lighting from stage A of the architectural plans to switching the light on.

Another area is lighting consulting. In this capacity I advise which lighting fixtures are apropiate and where to place them according to lighting requirements.

And than there is lighting design where I use lighting to create a design statement that compliments and adds to the architectural design.
Lighting becomes a part of the design. I also design special lighting fixtures to complete the overall look.

I believes that a lighting planner must incorporate in his work a professional technical attitude together with an updated and innovative design approach. This combination enables planning of functional lighting together with an adequate amount of highlights to create the desired atmosphere appropriated for each space.

The lighting designer's role is to understand the clients' character with his needs and plan the lighting accordingly while activating creativity, innovation and originality.